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What We Do

At Briden Wedding Consultants, we are a team that is well structured. We put a focus on the couple getting married that day. Through conceptualizing timelines, vendor meetings and consultations our team is here to help guide the couple through this process. We have researched some of the best prices, locations and details of everything a wedding needs. We have different packages available for every bride so that budget is not a problem and most find our time is their time.

Every Event

Should Be

A Special Event


We help you create and stick to your budget.


We give you solid vendor recommendations of people you can trust. We handle communication and scheduling for you.


We are experts in wedding design. We'll be by your side to help guide you along.


We help you with etiquette, invitations, and RSVPs.


We can assist with the wedding registry, and we help you load and keep all gifts secured at the ceremony.

Wedding Details

We do all wedding ceremony coordination, from setting your rehearsal day to decorating and making sure everything runs smooth on your day.


Happily Ever After

Starts Here